Email Spoof Notice

We would like to make you aware of an email spoof that is impersonating the domain name of several companies including Huws Gray. The spoofed email involves an email falsely claiming to be from Huws Gray and containing an malicious attachment appearing as an invoice, payment remittance or request for invoice.

Below is an example of a spoof email:
“From: Huws Gray Sales Ledger <> <email@[fakedomain].es>
I hope you are well.
Please find the below invoice for the October transfers.
Please can you forward me an invoice for £1,841.78, and I will get this processed for you.
Thank you and have a wonderful day!”

We would urge caution if you receive an email which:
1 – Comes from a strange or unfamiliar email address in the email ‘Return-Path’
2 – Does not contain personalised information such as an invoice number or account number you recongise
3 – Is asking you to click a link to log in or supply information or to download a program
4 – Contains a Microsoft Word attachment which asks you to enable macros when opened
5 – Is poorly formatted and contains spelling errors

If you received such an email, please be aware that it did not come from our company. In addition please note that the email may contain a link to a computer virus or other malware. You should not open the email or attachments, or respond to it in any way. We would also recommend that spam filters are configured to correctly check SPF, DKIM & DMARC records which should prevent spoofed emails being delivered into your inbox.