Gardening Supplies for the Perfect Garden

Keeping your garden well maintained is the key to getting the most out of it during those summer months when the days are longer and the weather is perfect for outdoor dining and entertaining.

To keep your garden in the best possible shape, there are a number of materials and supplies available which will make your job easier. To help you along, we’ll explain how they might benefit you.

Sprinklers and Garden Hoses

The climate in the UK is varied throughout the year but it is possible to encounter months where less rainfall than average is experienced. During these times and providing there are no restrictions in place, it is vital that you ensure your garden receives enough water so that it continues to flourish.

To make watering your garden as easy as possible, you will require;

  • A garden hose of a suitable length which is long enough to reach your vegetable patches and your flower beds.
  • A sprinkler attachment which can be fitted to a hose and placed in the centre of your lawn. Once in place, you can water your lawn as required to keep it healthy.

There are also a number of accessories which can be attached to a garden hose so ascertain which are the best for your garden.

Compost and Topsoil

If you’re an avid gardener who enjoys tending to and cultivating different species of flowers and vegetables, you should always have a bag of compost to hand which you can use to plant new additions to your garden as required.

Both topsoil and compost can be purchased in a variety of sizes to suit any sized garden – and if you’re interested in landscaping – a bag of bark can work wonders for providing new and interesting garden features.

Weed Control

Unsightly weeds can rear their heads anywhere, from the middle of your lawn to between your paving slabs. To prevent them from taking hold and growing out of control, it is important to kill them as soon as they appear by utilising suitable weed control products.

Whether a suitable weed spray for localised application or a resin for use on paved areas, weed control products are a great way to keep unwanted weeds at bay.


Using timber sleepers in your garden is a cost effective way of adding character and style to your outdoor space. Sleepers can be used as a retaining wall or for attractive raised beds for growing plants and vegetables. At Huws Gray we offer a wide range of sleepers that can be used in a range of projects.

Decorative Gravel

DIY garden landscaping has become increasingly popular with homeowners across the UK trying their hand at transforming their gardens. One easy way to create a simple yet effective garden feature is by using gravel in the formation of new areas as required. For example, gravel would be a great way to mark out the entrance to an area which featured timber decking or to provide a surround for a garden pond.

Shed and Fence Paint

Painting your fence and shed with quality paint will increase their lifespan and will add character to your garden. With such a wide range of colours available you can be sure we have the colour that’s perfect for your garden at Huws Gray. Painting your fence and shed will also protect them from adverse weather conditions and make your garden look great all year round.

Huws Gray: Supplying Gardening and Landscaping Supplies

As a leading supplier of gardening supplies, we offer the complete solution for your project. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are alwayson hand to help with your requirements. Browse our Landscaping Collection online or visit us in store today for more information.