Why you should improve your home this home improvement week?

Making the space you inhabit into a home that you can be proud of is hard work and it can feel like there is always some project or other that needs doing. Alongside the usual house work that comes with daily life there might be some storage space that needs building, kitchen tiles that need updating, or a hallway that needs a splash of paint to give it more life. If you’ve stumbled across this website, the likelihood is that you are at least considering taking on a home improvement project if not already at the planning stages. But why do it now and not leave it for sometime next year? Here are some of the big reasons that you might want to improve your home this National Home Improvement Week.

It’s the perfect time
Timing, as with many other aspects of life, is everything when it comes to home improvement and March is a great month to get some of the big projects you’ve been daydreaming about out of the way. During winter, home improvement is definitely not on most people’s list of priorities thanks to holidays, snow days, and other distractions, and this can result in falling prices due to lack of demand. National Home Improvement Week lies at the end of winter and the very cusp of spring, meaning that you should be able to take advantage of some great deals.

You’ll be able to take the time you need while also saving money.
March also brings with it some good weather for home improvement. The heat of summer is still a few months away, meaning that it’s the perfect time to do some of the sweatier tasks on your home improvement list, while the cold bite of winter should be lessening to give you access to some outdoor jobs that you couldn’t do earlier in the year. Rainfall, as with any month in the changeable British climate, can be variable but should be less impactful than those darker, wetter winter months. And, with longer daylight hours creeping in, you have more time to tackle your home improvement project!

Get your home ready for summer
Another good reason to take part in National Home Improvement Week this March is that it can help you get ready for the summer weather to roll in. We’ve all heard about getting bikini ready, but are you barbecue ready? Summer is all about getting to go outside, taking advantage of the weather, and inviting friends over for a garden party, but that can be hard to do when you have a to-do list that reaches to the moon and back. So, instead of enjoying our summer as we’d planned, quite often we end up stressing (and sweating) over home improvement tasks that we won’t get the full enjoyment out of before summer ends. Tackling some of those big projects early on in the year means that you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour, sweat-free and happy.

Motivation to stop procrastinating
It’s easy to tell yourself that you’ll do something tomorrow. There are hundreds of possible excuses – you’re tired, the match is on, it looks like it might rain – but, for the most part, if we’re honest with ourselves it’s just because we are struggling to gather some motivation. With a specific time-frame to work towards like National Home Improvement Week, it’s much easier to get yourself going and stop putting everything off until tomorrow.

If having a time-frame to work within isn’t enough motivation for you, feel boosted by the other people who are tackling home improvement projects alongside you. With a list of partners all getting involved, you’ll be among like-minded individuals as you gear up to make you home into your perfect space. Get your friends involved or chat to other home improvers online to get motivation and inspiration. You can overcome the urge to procrastinate!

Make practical and much-needed improvements that make your life easier
​There are some home improvement tasks that are just to improve looks or add a feature you’ve always longed for. There are others that are necessary to make you property liveable. Whether it’s a case of a growing family that’s crying out for more space or the need for more accessibility, undertaking a home improvement project this March could help you complete that necessary renovation to make your house a home that fits your needs.

Help out a loved one
As much as National Home Improvement Week is all about loving the home you’re in, sometimes another person’s needs can take precedence in our lives. Most people find that there is always something that could use an update or upgrade within their home but you may see that a loved one has a need that is more pressing than your own. This could be a friend who has kept saying that they want to redecorate their living room but has put it off for years. Or maybe an older relative needs some adjustments made to their living space to aid their mobility and independence. For this Home Improvement Week, perhaps you could consider helping a loved one love the home their in.

Along with feeling satisfied with the good deed you’re doing by helping someone else improve their home, helping a loved one with your DIY or design skills can also give you the opportunity to explore something you may not have tried before. It’s likely that they will have a different aesthetic from you, with different spaces and restrictions in their homes, and so you’ll get to tackle something new that could inspire future projects in your own home. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the satisfaction of a job well done and exciting plans for a future project to give your own home some love. ​

Increase your house value
While home improvement is often about making your property into the home you’ve always envisioned, there is nothing wrong with looking to the future and investigating the ways that you can increase the value of your home. Research by Zopa found that home improvements could, on average, increase your home’s value by up to 9%. The same research found that the return on the investment you make into your home is an average of about 50%. While most of those undertaking a home improvement project this March will be looking forward to enjoying the fruits of their labour for at least the next five years, it’s certainly a comforting thought to know that the money and effort you are putting in to your home will be worthwhile.

The most popular type of home improvement, according to Zopa’s research, is a kitchen renovation. This is understandable, given the fact that around a quarter of us consider ourselves to be passionate about cooking and the amount of time we spend in the kitchen, and this type of improvement can add a solid 10% to the value of your home. The biggest return on your investment, however, comes from the underrated loft conversion. Zopa found that only around 2% of homeowners surveyed undertook this kind of home improvement but that it provided a 70% return on investment on average. Add that to the 13% bump it gives to the value of your home and you’ll definitely see the appeal. On the other end of the scale, an improvement to your garden, such as installing decking or a gazebo, only adds around 6% to your property but this would definitely be worthwhile when you get to enjoy it as the summer weather rolls in. ​

Embrace your love of home improvement
A big and often overlooked reason to get involved with this year’s National Home Improvement Week is that you are passionate about DIY or design. Why not embrace your love of upcycling the home you’re in at the same time as other like-minded souls? If you ever needed an excuse to play about with a paintbrush or tango with some tiles, a week dedicated to celebrating your passion is definitely a good one.

And for those who may have stared at their Pinterest full of ideas with longing, or turned green-eyed with envy at a friend’s crafty skills, this is a great time to give it a go. You can make this your first step into the world of DIY and find out whether it’s going to be your new go-to hobby or just a once-a-year adventure. There has never been a better time to try out the home improvement life. ​

Love the home you’re in
While there are a multitude of reasons that an individual may get involved during this National Home Improvement Week, the most important one is that you want to turn your property into your ideal home. Whether you’re into the clean lines of Japanese-style minimalism or the warmth of French Country, with a bit of time and a little hard work you can create a space that fits your needs and aesthetics. Let your home improvements help you love the home you’re in.